The Spinning Woman Illusion

You may have seen this illusion before. When you first look at the animated woman to the left, your mind will interpret it that she is either spinning to the left or to the right.

But most websites tell you some ridiculous claim that if you are able to will your mind to switch directions, then you have genius like powers. What I explain here is a simple "How-To" instruction for those who have difficulty seeing her spin the opposite direction. It's really pretty easy.

How To See Her Change Direction

The best place to trick your mind into seeing her spin the opposite direction is to look at the spinning foot that is always planted on the ground. You'll see that it's really just a silouette of the foot going left to right to left like a pendulum. From there you can imagine seeing the foot spin the opposite direction that your mind had been accepting before. Once you are able to see the foot move in the opposite direction, the rest of her body follows.

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